Company Vision: Azgi Enterprises strives to create an special and exclusive residential experience for you, in exciting projects and uncompromising design.

In order to realize this vision, we place great emphasis on every detail, small and large, at every stage of the process - finding attractive locations for the project, selecting first class architects, experienced and diligent construction contractors, and meticulous  execution.

The result - luxury apartments of the kind you can only dream about

Prosper Azagi, contractor

In 2000 he was the first in Israel to win the ILA tender for sand mining, which led to the control of 85% of the concrete market in Israel and to act as a monopoly for sand mining for 5 years.


Azagi, who always set himself a goal to give back for others and the community, took over the management of the Hapoel Ashkelon football club, while it was about to be disbanded in 2004, and thus became the team's owner and manager from 2005 to 2016. He led the team to the Israeli Premier League.


After feeling that he has exhausted his skills in the field of private contracting, Azagai has set himself a new professional goal - real estate development and the construction of luxury apartments.


Thanks to his early business success, Azagi is able to emphasize and build quality apartments, in contrast to contractors who build on quantity out of a desire to realize business potential at the expense of their clients.

The motto in the apartments that Azagi builds is to build apartments he himself could have lived in. To buy a house from Azagi is simply - to live in Azagi's house