The luxury apartment you've always wanted, without compromising about the city you've always loved.

In the renewed north of Tel Aviv, a magical beam of light is rising -

Beit Yonatan


Azagi Enterprises makes this dream a reality, offering what seemed impossible - a project plan TAMA 38 with architectural standards at the highest level, that turns a plain building into an amazing luxury project, just within reach of all the good that Tel Aviv to offer.

Surround yourself with everything
you love, The pastoral park, the vibrant city.
Azagi Enterprises
Company Vision: Azgi Enterprises strives to create an special and exclusive residential experience for you,
in exciting projects and uncompromising design.
In order to realize this vision, we place great emphasis on every detail, small and large, at every stage of the process - finding attractive locations for the project, selecting first class architects, experienced and diligent construction contractors, and meticulous  execution. 
The result - luxury apartments of the kind you can only dream about
If you still want to leave the house…

Yehuda Maccabee School

Entertainment areas and restaurants

The Hebrew Herzliya Gymnasia

Magid Community Center


Beit Hahayal Cultural Center


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