The luxury apartment you've always wanted, without compromising

about the city you've always loved.

In the renewed north of Tel Aviv, a magical beam of light is rising - Beit Yonatan


Azagi Enterprises makes this dream a reality, offering what seemed impossible - a project plan TAMA 38 with architectural standards at the highest level, that turns a plain building into an amazing luxury project, just within reach of all the good that Tel Aviv to offer.

From 2 luxurious lobby rooms, strengthening the building’s foundations, adding 2 elevators, by increasing the apartment areas, and the addition of reinforced rooms and a sun terrace to each apartment, to the additional luxurious apartments on the two new floors offering four 4-room apartments, and two duplex penthouse apartments with a private pool each.


If you still want to leave the house, you will find yourself near the park and the Yarkon River - which is rich in sports and leisure, within walking distance to the sea or the port, or a quick jump to the center of Tel Aviv and the bustling entertainment areas, surrounded by a well-established, young and educated population.

Preliminary specification: Apartment 

Interior design:

[+] Artisan high-security entrance door Aluminum zero line interior doors

[+] General flooring - imported marble stone, high quality, with a matte silk finish Flooring and cladding wet rooms - marble stone or Corian

[+] Electric shutters throughout the apartment. Penthouses are equipped with shade canopy in isolated glass.

[+] The terrace features a prestigious aluminum railing and laminated glass safety.


Kitchen design including:  

[+] Premium kitchen made in Italy by Modulnova Company includes built in units

[+] Architectural design for the kitchen at the highest level.

[+] Quality kitchen sink. Penthouses features stone sink 150 cm

[+] Corian or marble stone countertops Imported top quality faucets



[+] Marble stone or Corian flooring and cladding Hanging toilets,

[+] concealed wash tanks. Top quality imported faucets and accessories [+] Rain shower head



[+] CCTV intercom system

[+] Inverter air conditioning for the entire apartment, concealed units

[+] Smart electricity for apartments includes smart switches.

Building specifications:

An entrance lobby with imported marble stone finish [+]

Elevator with marble stone finish and mirrors [+]

Underground parking for each apartment and an option to purchase  additional parking space


[+] In addition to the above, a spacious sun terrace for the living room and master bedroom.

[+] Fully equipped kitchen including refrigerator, quality stone sink 150 cm, oven, microwave.

[+] Upper rooftop terrace with swimming pool, outdoor bar and wooden deck and cladding

[+] Superior quality aluminum windows with insulated glass and internal shades.

[+] General lighting designed by a lighting consultant.

[+] Pool by Spartak Spa

If you still want to leave the house ...

Yehuda Maccabee School

A state elementary school that supports modern learning methods that develops among young students A sense of responsibility

The Hebrew Herzliya Gymnasia

The First Hebrew High School

And one of the most famous educational institutions in Israel

The Israeli Conservatory offers a variety of musical events throughout the year, as well as classes and master classes

Entertainment areas and restaurants

whether you want to see a performance, a show, or even just sit in a cafe , You will always find an open place

Magid Community Center

A lively place, with a variety of community activities and classes for children and teenagers


Beit Hahayal Cultural Center

Contains several halls that offer theater performances, stand-up comedy shows and live performances.

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